Fallout Hacking Solver

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While playing Fallout 3, I found the hacking mini-game to be very intriguing. And, being the person that I am, I wrote a simply JS solver for the game.

Here's how it works:

1) Put in all the possible answers into the text area (each answer on a different line.)
2) Click the Process Solutions button
3) You will be given a list of possible solutions, with the best chance of being successful highlighted in green.
4) Make a guess at a word in the game
5) If it is not the correct word, enter what word you attempted, and how many letters matched.
6) Click "Enter"
7) The chances will be updated and you will see which words are completely incorrect (either too few or too many matching letters)

Repeat Steps 4 - 7 using the solver's percentages as a guide. Be sure to exit out of the puzzle if you haven't figured it out in 3 steps, because otherwise you could accidentally lock the terminal.
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